Moisturiser is an important part of a skincare routine and helps promote healthy skin. Benefits of adding moisturizer to your regimen include:

1. Hydration: As the skin is exposed to the sun, dirt, and pollution in the air, it dries out. A moisturiser replenishes the moisture in the skin, increasing hydration and making the skin softer. Moisturiser may also eliminate dry spots, flakiness, and redness.

2. Protection: Moisturisers with SPF (such as SPF 30 sunscreen) protect against the sun. Moisturiser also prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL), helping the skin retain its natural moisture.

3. Brightening: Moisturisers with vitamin C have brightening properties, which can help even out skin tone and fade dark spots.

4. Anti-aging: Moisturisers with retinol or retinoids can also have anti-aging properties.